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For years, finding a treatment against cellulite with a long-term effect was a medical riddle. Now there is an FDA and CE approved medical treatment, addressing the underlying cause of cellulite. Cellulite is more common with women than with men. Especially after puberty, 80 to 90% of women suffer from cellulites. Cellulites is often seen as dimples and unevenness in the skin of the legs, but few people know exactly what cellulite means. Although multiple factors effect the development of cellulitis, the fiber septa bands that cause the pits below the skin surface are the structural cause of cellulitis.


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What is a cellfina treatment?

The cellfina treatment is a unique treatment for cellulite. Cellfina uses the technique Tissue Stabilized-Guided Subsicion (TS-GS). The advantage of this technique is that the structural cause of cellulite is treated. To stabilize the skin, a vacuum handpiece is used. The Cellfina treatment tackles the fiber septa bands that are intertwined between the skin and the fat in the thighs and buttocks. Some of these bands eventually contract and stiffen, causing them to pull the skin down and cause the undesirable pits you see on the skin surface. Using a small motorized needle, the weak fiber septa bands are cut loose. As a result, the skin will rebound with the result that, just as with a rubber band under tension, the treated skin will spring back to a smooth skin.

What can I expect from the Cellfina treatment?

  • 1 treatment
  • Minimum recovery time
  • 45-60 min, depending on the treatment areas and the number of dimples
  • 93% patient satisfaction
  • Effective and long-lasting results
  • CE marked and FDA approved

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Can everyone be treated with Cellfina?

Anyone with cellulites can be treated with Cellfina, however, few people know exactly what cellulite means. We offer a free consultation at the clinic so that the doctor can check with you if the treatment is suitable. The procedure is ideal for the dimples on the buttocks or upper parts of the thighs.


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Is Cellfina safe?

The cellfina treatment is completely safe and happens under local predisposition. Side effects that can occur in the treatment area are contusion, stock market feeling, bruising and slight swelling. You hardly feel anything from the treatment itself. These side effects last for a few days to about two weeks.

After Cellfina treatment?

After treatment, the treated area is covered with a steriel gauze. You will receive painkillers from the doctor for the discomfort. In addition, you will be asked to bring a tight shorts or shapewear on the day of treatment. By wearing this after the treatment, swelling and bruising will be prevented. There are patients who will work the next day, but generally we advise to take a day off. After a day you can perform light activities again. Clinical studies show that 90% of patients have no signs of bruising after 4 weeks.


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How long does it take before I see results?

You will already see visible improvement within three days. The results will continue to improve over time. The results are permanent.

I am interested in Cellfina! What do I do?

To see if the treatment is suitable voor you, we would like to receive photo’s that can be consulted by the doctor. Please upload photos of the area that you would like to have treated. We would like to receive photos from a frontal view point, side view point and a photo’s of all the area’s that have dimples and you would like treated. As soon as you have filled out to complete form and have uploaded photo’s you will receive a quote within a week for your treatment.


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